Annie Maddock is a witch who loves writing, especially when it means she gets to procrastinate doing her herbology homework. Annie is commonly known for when she caused an explosion in Professor Poto’s DADA class when she was dissecting a Muggle phone in order to learn how a Muggle phone functions (and she dearly payed for it in a month’s worth of detentions). In her free time, she loves to drink tea (especially Earl Grey), give her two horses carrots until they become spoiled, plant trees in random places, binge drink Starbucks, and eat Vegan dark chocolate. Annie also loves writing (obviously) and she often dreams of moving to a farm and taking care of every single magical creature in existence (especially unicorns!). She also loves chilling in the Tea Room of the Room of Requirement, so if one needs her, it’s a good bet she’s hiding there, drinking Green tea and following her reputation of taming Nargles!