Kristy Cadwallader is a Ravenclaw student of Hogwarts and one of the writers for the Quibbler. She likes to spend time working on her school reports, practicing magic, and playing all sorts of Muggle “video games”. An avid member of her school, Kristy is a member of the art and Care of Magical Creatures clubs. Her wand is made of Hazel, at 12 inches long with a Phoenix feather core. Many people say she has a unique sense of humor, and uses it to make people laugh. Kristy excels at magic such as charms, potions, and transfiguration, however her skill varies constantly. Her favorite foods are mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and butter beer. She once considered trying out for the Quidditch team as a Keeper, but dismissed it because she was quite rusty and wanted to practice more. Kristy often gets into trouble for being in the hallways after bed, but most of the paintings and armor stands let her pass. She uses this time to explore the secrets of the castle with her friends and wander near the black lake.