OWLs 2017

Another session of Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations is now done! Over the past month and a half, students and professors alike have been working hard for these OWLs. The moment that the Fifth years heard the smallest hint towards the next session, they were on their feet trying to find out all they could. As soon as it was officially announced, everyone got to the sign ups as soon as possible, making sure they wouldn’t miss out on the test of their wizarding life!

Many students loved the OWLs. Though they were tough, some had a fun time. Especially with the practicals. Here is what one student, Jack, had to say; “God, the OWLs? Weren’t they fun? Really though, those 5 weeks were honestly the highlight of my DA experience. It really brought me closer to the professors and to my fellow Year 5s. The only thing I’ll say was a real pain, was studying. I mean, there was quite a lot of material to learn, but all the same, it was very interesting to read about many different topics. My favourite aspects were the practicals, no doubt. I mean, the Profs obviously put so much time and energy into building those, and they weren’t even daunting! They were soo much fun! Can’t wait for NEWTs!!” Raven also had a comment on this OWLs; “OWLs 2017 was an experience with both good and bad. I enjoyed so much about the tests I took and about my time with the professors. But taking tests is stressful, as everyone knows. So I have some advice for future OWL students: don’t let anyone tell you to “wing it” on your tests. They are just as real as any other test, and if you want to do well, studying is your best friend. But most of all, I WISH YOU LUCK!”

They studied hard and did very well. Two students getting an overall Outstanding. Congratulations! The students couldn’t wait to see their scores, and when they did, most were pretty happy. Though some hardworking students didn’t get to move on just yet with their peers, they will have another chance to go on! The professors seemed pleased at how well students did. All their work had paid off! Pox said, “It was a blast hosting our last OWLs session… I hope to see the new bunch working harder than ever! Hustle, hustle! Muscle, muscle!! Study hard, young’uns! It’ll all be worth it in the long run.”

And after all the tests were over, and the students got their scores, there was a massive ceremony for graduating Year 5s. The Great Hall was crowded with loads of students and staff alike. People were cheering and congratulating their fellow students throughout the week. While some newly Year 6s wanted to stay put and have a relaxing year, others wanted to keep working hard to get to their final year at Hogwarts. A few have already met the normal requirements and have taken the test to become a Year 7! How exciting!

A bit after the ceremony, the Year 5s surprised the professors with a secret plot that had been a work in progress for a month. Filled with gifts for each professor, activities, and a couple giant owls to fit the theme! Most students who were around also signed a note to the professors for how much they appreciated them because ya know, they are all amazing. Even Felix had a gift! Even if it was in a dark, scary, place. Ha ha. Marianne had a comment on this, “Well, thanking the prof was actually my idea *flips hair* but y’all ran with it and made it more amazing than I ever could have dreamed and I got to know the community in a way I never had. The tests were hard but fun. The profs worked hard for us and I felt really special since they accommodated us all.”

Good luck on your NEWTs, and have fun studying soon to come Year 7s


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