Eeylops Emporium Breakout?!

Yesterday evening, at 7:52 PM, muggles reported seeing dozens of owls flying about, and various cats and toads walking around. Ministry of Magic members soon showed up to the scene and reverted all the muggles memories back. To do this, they used a new technique. Though it has been recently developed by the ministry, what we do know is it is very similar to Obliviate with an invisible fumos cloud. Unfortunately, a few toads, cats, and owls are still running about. If you do, by chance see one, please report back to the Ministry, and they will come and pick up the animal. Eeylops will be out of business until all of the lost animals are returned. So, if you’re looking to buy a pet soon, I recommend going out and searching for these missing animals. You may also check out Magical Menagerie for any pet supply needs, they also have a wide variety of animals for sale. Eeylops Emporium will be rewarding you a cookie if you return the animals! Thank you for your time.

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