Aurors vs Death Eaters- Dueling Tournament

Last week, 6th of May, the Dueling Club held a dueling tournament in a very special place. The theme of this tournament was Aurors against Death Eaters, so the tournament took place in nowhere else, but the Chamber of Secrets. Everyone was welcome to come, and watch the tournament in the chamber, but only Dueling Club members took part in the actual dueling.

Many Hogwarts pupils were very excited for the tournament and prepared for it early, some even weeks before. The dueling continued well past midnight until all different duels were done, and it concluded with the announcement of the winner of Senior Tier. All pupils went to their dormitories tired, but happy, after getting all their prizes for winning.

Of course, the place where the tournament took place was highly thought out and made sure it was safe. The coordinator of the club sent owls to the authorities at Hogwarts, as well as the Minister for Magic. Both approved the place, and the idea was put into practice. Tthistle, a designer, helped with making the chamber ready for dueling.

The tournament went well, and many people very much enjoyed it. One of the most memorable moments was when Gemma (tributeonfire) and Joey (Spontaneously/Reparo) showed up as Team Rocket. They dressed up in impressive costumes and did the whole intro together.

Gemma and Joey dressed up as Team Rocket.

Here are the winners of each bracket:

Aurors: WildFishyPoo

Death Eaters: Reparo/Spontaneously

Auror vs Death Eater: WildFishyPoo

Novice: ItsBek

Junior: WildFishyPoo

Senior: xXCupcake159Xx

Lastly, we interviewed the winner of Auror, Auror vs Death Eater and Junior brackets, WildFishyPoo:

What did you think of the tournament?

WildFishyPoo: “I thought the tournament was very fun, slightly nerve-wracking, though.”

Did you think you could possibly win the tournament?

WildFishyPoo: “I had a slight feeling I had a chance, lost hope when I heard Joey and CursedEden were on the opposite team.”

Thank you for reading, and happy dueling!

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