Mystical Creatures – Hippogriffs

Hippogriffs, being the front half of an eagle, and the back half of a horse, are a very rare and mystical creature. The name Hippogriff comes from the Greek name for horse and hippo. And the second half coming from the mystical creature, a Griffin. The Hippogriff is very similar to the Griffin, though, instead of a horse as the back half, it would be a lion. An adult would normally eat dozens of small mammals, insects, and ferrets every day. Though most Hippogriffs come in a dirty white color, others are straight black or light caramel brown.

When a human approach’s a Hippogriff, they use the proper etiquette when trying to pet it, or ride on its back. These mystical creatures are quite proud, so it is best to stare them right in the eye at all times. Stare the Hippogriff in the eye until it makes the first move. The animal should first smell your extended hand, then kneel on the ground, awaiting your pet. Once you have earned the Hippogriffs trust, it will be extremely protective and loyal to you. It will fight any bad that gets in your way and trust you with all its might.

A few Hippogriffs were kept in Rubeus Hagrid’s backyard, for his Care of Magical Creatures class. If you have read this story in your school books, then you should know that Draco Malfoy did not stare into the griff’s eye, and was very harsh toward it. Resulting in the Hippogriff lashing out at him. This is a very good example of what NOT to do in terms of greeting a Hippogriff.

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