Honeydukes Robbed?!

This morning, at around 5 am, it is believed that the beloved Honeydukes was robbed! Almost all of the store’s inventory of Exploding Bonbons, Sugar Quills, and Jelly Slugs have been stolen. It is believed that every single chocolate frog card has been robbed from its package, while the frogs laid scattered about making a mess to clean up!
We reached out to the owner of Honeydukes, Ambrosius Flume. He explains to us how he has added even more safety and precautions to the establishment than before. People will now be checked by a Ministry official after leaving the store, to ensure no theft has occurred. He has even decided to put in the odd sensor things muggles use. He is adamant it was a Hogwarts student, as Ministry officials found footsteps tracing back to the castle.  If this person doesn’t fess up, he claims he will stop selling on the Hogwarts express.

Currently, the Ministry is working on the case. The ministry says the individual who broke into Honeydukes is also suspected of the Eeylops Emporium breakout. If you have seen anyone with an increased amount of these objects or if you have any information, contact the Ministry of Magic immediately. We need to keep our community safe and keep this thief off the streets!

2 thoughts on “Honeydukes Robbed?!

  1. ahh I love this article! Especially the connection to the Eeylops Breakout! 😀 Keep up the good work, Sage!

  2. Great work Sage (and the Quibbler crew) I am in love with your news and the recent quiz. I would live to see more! (Btw: your site is a big improvement :D)

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