Mystical Creatures – Nifflers

Ever seen a small black platypus-like animal running across the fields with a shiny wrist watch in its mouth? Either you’ve had a bit too much of Taz’s “punch” or you’ve just spotted a Niffler! The name Niffler comes from the verb Niffle, meaning ‘to pilfer’. These fascinating animals are highly attracted to any and all objects that are exclusively shiny. Nifflers may seem adorable and loyal, but if you turn around for one second, your loyal friend will be breaking into a jewelry shop. Centuries ago, a member of the Beast Division, Newton Scamander, was caught by muggle police when his Niffler friend broke into a Jewel Shop and a muggle Bank. Its rumored that he was able to run away prior to them arriving at the scene, as there is no record of him in the muggle “data base”.

Nifflers do come to good use at times. They can be used to scavenge gold or other shiny items that lay underground. Speaking of the underground, Nifflers dig tunnels almost 30 feet under the surface in which they live. These creatures are also used by Goblins to search out treasure. Decades ago they were highly trafficked, however; due to their special abilities they are now protected by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (XXX). All in all, Nifflers are definitely very useful, and a very loyal friend to keep around, as long as you are properly trained and know how to control them.

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