Wizard of the Month: Joe

Joe Potato started off his adventure on Dumbledore’s Army when he got a letter from Hogwarts, as we all did. Starting his first year at Hogwarts, Joe became a Ravenclaw student. He learned new and fascinating things from the professors. During his time, he really began to enjoy dueling. What he liked about it was the fact that spells get more and more powerful, and it’s great that spells can level up. On breaks, you could find him admiring the tall and detailed towers of Hogwarts and the interesting architecture at Hogsmeade. As he continued studying at Hogwarts and yearing up, he joined clubs and realized how integrated Dumbledore’s Army was. Clubs have their own chats and groups, they host meetings, and do competitions. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he eventually decided to become a Games Club leader.

As the months went on, he became a Year 5 within the unusual amount of time, that being only a month. Joe felt that he was really getting into the community. He chatted with people and explored the world, going to the seventh year. At some point, he decided to apply for a job as a Junior Developer and he got accepted. Contributing to things the whole community can enjoy is what he wanted to achieve and do, and that’s what he most enjoyed as a Junior Developer. Along the way, he learned new things and started contributing and creating wonderful things for the community. Many people knew Joe’s impressive cactus farm in his plot, where multiple people visit every day in need of cacti.

Joe has done a lot for the community. He is helpful, he shares and does everything he can to make the experience one of its kind. Doing all of these things, he has shown to be a very kind and understanding person. Joe works hard for Dumbledore’s Army and its community, which we much appreciate. He truly is the wizard this community will always remember.

We asked some people what they think about Joe:

Akrep (Brody Capper): “I think he is very funny, but he can also be very scary. Joe is a good team leader.”

Noah_Meh (Noah Borage): “He is very smart, very ambitious.”

WildFishyPoo (Fish): “Joe is a nice, genuine guy.”

The staff of Quibbler and the whole community wish Joe good luck, as he continues to contribute, discover and make the server a bit better every day!

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