Witch of the Month: AnnaAngel!

In August of 2016, Anna was a very excited newcomer to Dumbledore’s Army. She was amazed by the grand and detailed buildings, and that everyone was chatting and having fun. In her time at Hogwarts, she has made friendships along the way. People were so united, during tricky exams, events, and other things in general.

With the new friends at Dumbledore’s Army she’s gotten, Anna enjoys building, organising club activities, and hosting roleplay classes. A lot of funny memories have stuck in her mind. One time, her friend Fishy was taking his Year 5 test that he’d been waiting for ages to do. Right in the middle of the test, the server crashed, leaving Fishy with a failed test. Anna had never laughed so much. Many other funny moments have happened to her in her time at Hogwarts.

One of her biggest achievements so far is perhaps her becoming a DA. Anna started working towards it as a bit of a challenge. Surprisingly, she actually enjoyed chatting and helping people.

“It made me come out of my shell and find an even stronger interest in the server.”

She looked to Pox and Gemma as an example, they were always kind and nice. Becoming a DA made Anna a happier person. She was glad she made the choice to work for it as hard as she could.

Currently, Anna still is a DA member, a Wizengamot Council member, and an owner of Movie Club.

We asked some people what they think of Anna:

Jake (Marvel_Comics): “She’s is a great friend and always there to help those in need.”

Cloby_: “Anna is a very weird and kind person, she’s really nice. She helps everyone and stuff.”

Biekanetta (Biekejet): “Anna is a good friend and she deserves to be the witch of the month.”

Gemma (tributeonfire): “She is brilliant! Always full of energy, and always making people laugh.”

The community of DA and the staff of Quibbler wish Anna good luck, as she continues to help and bring joy to people on the server!


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