International Floofy Day!

Floofy Unicorn, a young 1st Year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry achieved quite a name for herself when students began noticing her working day and night in the Potions classroom. Professors and even the Headmaster, Felix Black, began to take notice of her working tirelessly for the sake of building up a proper potions storage for the school. Even the Ministry of Magic’s Potions Association has requested for a shipment of her high-quality Black Fire Potions and Girding Potions.

That is of course after Hogwarts faculty began laying Floofy’s allegations as false, claiming she brewed 1,600 potions in a day. Outraged at their lack of belief of her skill, she began compiling evidence to assert her statement. It took quite a bit of time before the Headmaster, and eventually the Minister for Magic, to publicly acknowledged her skill as legitimate. Minister Taz Riddle, awarded a day named after her, considering her aid to the Ministry has been outstanding, and from this, her reputation took off.

In celebration of International Floofy Day across Great Britain, two reporters from the Quibbler has successfully managed to achieve an interview with the beloved and famous potion-brewer, Floofy Unicorn. It went as follows;

Cran: “How are you so skilled at potion-making?”

Floofy: “Hours of practice, I was self-taught. I actually remember Gemma, our Slytherin Head Girl, helped me out when I was a newbie getting a wand and beginning my Hogwarts adventure, introducing me to Potion making!”

Foxy: “Do you think you’ve changed the way people see potions nowadays?”

Floofy: “Yes, people saw it as a waste of time and something that made you no money, but now I’ve shown everyone that you can earn a lot if you try hard enough!”

Cran: “What inspired you to begin potion making?”

Floofy: “I saw this broom in the store that I wanted so badly, the Nimbus 2001, which was a lot of money. It kept me going knowing one day, even a little 1st Year like me, could have enough money for that broom if I brewed hard enough. I was curious of potion recipes when I first started, so I made it a mission to find out as much as I could. It pretty much went from there.”

Foxy: “What was your reaction to the community backlash?”

Floofy: “I was upset that nobody believed me, nobody could think a shy first year like me could brew so many potions, more than any 5th year ever could. In fact I’ve brewed more than a couple thousand to date.”

Cran: “Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring potion-makers?”

Floofy: “Keep working hard, set a goal, try to break your records, work hard, believe in yourself. And most importantly, eat cookies.”

Be on the lookout for Ms. Unicorn all you Hogwarts students, as we’d imagine she’d certainly be open for autographs!

Collaboration piece by Mrfoxy97 and _Cranium_

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