DA’s Ultimate Guide to Everything Plots!

Plots, plots, and more plots! Ever looking for that one plot shop, or that one plot with the most amazing parkour, but can never find one? Out of all the creative, amazing plots on the server, I had to highlight a few for special recognition. With this guide, you’ll be DA’s hottest plot master!

So, let’s get into it!

All plots featured with the permission of their owners!


Need an eccentric plot to hang out or perhaps grab some materials for your latest project? Ziamiga’s takes the cake (pun intended)! With a somewhat small but useful plot shop and a wide abyss of cakes spreading across the terrain of Zia’s plot, this place is a must visit! Can you eat all the cake on her plot? It’s a tough challenge, and the openly displayed double chests, supposedly filled with cake to replenish her plot, don’t help either. Also, be on the lookout for some nifty little secrets on this plot; it never runs out of them!

How to get there: /plot visit Ziamiga


With two plots next to each other, Wacky’s plots are quite a sight! With an expansive plot shop (affectionately marketed as ‘Wack Mart’) on her second plot, and an impressive array of features on her first plot. Had a big day of shopping at her shop? Just head upstairs and unwind with some fun parkour! Not only are Wacky’s plots fun, they’re guaranteed to provide a sense of adventure as you see what the plots have to offer!

How to get there:

First plot: /plot visit 34wacky

Second plot: /plot visit 34wacky 2


Looking for a fresh perspective on your everyday plot shop? Head to FuriiousFish’s plot ASAP! It has a sleek design and all the basic spells and items you’ll need! With unique features spanning across the shop like the display of ‘costumes’, and the fascinating item frames filled with fun items towards the front, you’ll be enamored with this amazing plot!

How to get there: /plot visit FuriiousFish


EnderDevils, or more commonly known as ‘Poto’ around the server, has a magnificent plot sure to catch the eyes of passersby. The renowned Defense Against the Dark Arts professor has clearly got some building skills! With an eye-popping parkour course and an amazing terrain, make sure to put this plot on your list!

How to get there: /plot visit EnderDevils


Raven’s plot is a masterpiece created by the hands of half a dozen skilled builders. It was originally created as a thank-you to the professors for their hard work on the OWLs hosted in March. It boasts a dizzying parkour, archery range, tree house, dance floor, and a bouncy house! If you’re looking for a great place to host a party, pay this plot a visit. To top it all off, Raven has a small spell shop that only charges half the regular price of the spells.

How to get there: /plot visit RiddikulusRaven


Rounding off our list is TheSophie9’s plot! Count on Sophie’s plot for a one-stop shop for anything and everything you need, with a neat plot shop and an extremely detailed structure, warranting fun for hours as you explore all Sophie’s plot has to give. Also, if you aren’t shopping, no worries! Have fun looking around her fascinating shop, and look for some funky little passages while you’re exploring!

How to get there: /plot visit TheSophie9

Honorable Mentions!

FFiddler – /plot visit FFiddler (still a work in progress!)

BroghanTaylor – /plot visit BroghanTaylor

miningdeep – /plot visit miningdeep

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