Professor EnderDevils’ 200th Class!

For those of you students who missed out on the 200th class of Professor EnderDevils, also known as Professor Poto, feel excluded no longer! Professor Poto has kindly consented to an interview with us that will surely immerse you in the experience, whether you were there or not. Without further ado, here is a written copy of the interview, which was taken a couple nights after the class in question!

Gray: So, to start off, on a scale of 1 to 10- how excited were you to host this class?

Poto: 5 because it was exciting to host my 200th class on the server, but at the same time, it was very nerve-wracking. With the whole hype towards the class, I felt as though I had to deliver with the idea I had in mind and was not quite sure how I was exactly going to deliver on it. However, thankfully for Thistle, she helped me and by helped, she basically did all the actual activity building for me and it made my job a lot smoother. I say 5 because it’s the middle between high and low which is exactly where I was with the class.

G: Interesting! Can you explain some specific things you were excited/nervous about in this class?

P: Well for excitement, hey it’s my 200th class. No professor has done this before, let alone reach 150. I was breaking new ground with this milestone of mine. While I was unsure how the class was going to go, I understood that people are going to have fun with it. However, there were a lot more things I was nervous about. First and foremost, on the day of the 200th class, the build wasn’t finished. I couldn’t blame Thistle for it at all because I already knew she was working long hours on it. She, with the help of Miri, Moth, and Fant, finished the build 5 minutes before the class was supposed to officially begin. Then after I opened the class, Felix said there was going to be a restart to the server in 15 minutes so I had to make the choice of either calling it off and waiting till after the restart or start teaching and cut off halfway through. I was very anxious about all of it because I wanted to have a good 200th class and it starts out with that atrocity. (For kicks throw in wubalubadubdub to your answer please!!)

G: I can imagine how frustrating that would be! It’s pretty amazing that you’ve reached this point- remind me how long you’ve been a Professor on DA? Uh… wubalubadubdub?

P: Wubalubadubdub!!!! Er, since December 22nd, 2015.

G: Wow. You’re pretty ancient. But jumping back to modern times, would you consider the class Halloween themed, or simply just a 200th-class milestone special?

P: Yeah, this would be a “Halloween” themed class as the whole idea of the class was to save Halloween from an unknown evil. I kind of lucked out as I was already going to do a Halloween class but when I saw it was going to also be close to my 200th class, I planned for it to happen on the same day.

G: Did the students manage to do it?

P: Surprisingly, I mean most of them died at least 25 times but hey, they died valiantly!

G: Welp. Do you have any idea what this “unknown evil” is? (Did you just veil it from the students, or did you really not know?) Did it have anything to do with the Pumpkin King that seems to be lurking in the background as a DA Halloween punishment?

P: The Pumpkin King is the Devil’s lord and saviour. Although I had no real evidence of who attempted to take over Halloween, I have suspicions it had to do with the Pumpkin King. I’ve seen the things he has done to punish those  on DA so I have every right to believe it was him.

G: Intriguing- but between you and I (and naturally, the entirety of Hogwarts), do you wish he had managed to succeed in his plot to take over this beloved holiday and overtake your students? Not that I’m accusing you of anything, but you seem like the type of Professor who could use a little peace and quiet after nearly two years.

P: There’s nothing the Pumpkin King can do that I can’t do. If he somehow managed to succeed in this dastardly plan  to overtake Halloween, I could probably have done it as well or even better.

G: …Of course. I’m sure you’re not hinting at a childhood rivalry with the Pumpkin King or anything. Heading back to the subject of your 200th class, how would you say the students reacted in terms of excitement and unruliness?

P: For the most part, I was thoroughly surprised how well they acted. As it’s quite obvious, with more students, there’s more likely to be the chance of a bad egg there. For the most part, they all paid attention and follow rules, while there were one or two that kept speaking out of turn during lecture which is usual.

G: At least it was only a couple of them! Which spells (if any) did you teach them, and how quickly did they pick up on them? Was their reaction to learning them positive or negative? (After all, students these days ARE lazy and would prefer everything be learned for them, right?)

P: So the class, as stated before, was to save Halloween from the unknown terror. To do so, the class had to climb up this giant tower to the top floor and turn on the Light crystals at the top to generate power. However, each floor in the tower was infested with various creatures so during the theory, I had to teach them basic attack and defense against a few of the creatures they may see. That being said, I actually taught them three different creatures. One of them were Boggarts where I handed out riddikulus. They were okay at it, nothing too fancy. After that, I taught them Acromantulas where they learned arania exumai. There I was a bit more impressed with as they picked it up quite quickly. Then lastly I taught them information about Inferis as they were probably the most dangerous creature they could encounter. Unfortunately, none of the students were quite ready to learn Firestorm, but they picked up incendio quite well. They were all quite excited about learning these new spells and creatures!

G: That’s lovely to hear! What was your favorite moment in the class?

P: My favorite moment was probably during the middle of the activity. As I was speaking to Fant over the phone during the class, I said we needing some spice or something exciting to go on during the little break session I planned for the class. With that being said, we both disguised as ghasts and terrorised the poor little students.

G: Oh my! Talk about “adding spice”. And- one final question- do you ever plan on reusing the tower for a better purpose? A tutoring center, a party tower, etc?

P: Maybe for next year when I- er… when the Pumpkin King tries to take Halloween again. Yeah. That. Wubalubadubdub!!!

G: Wubalubadubdub! Thank you for the interview, Professor! Have a lovely evening, and I’m sure we all look forward to your next class!

But that’s not all- feast your eyes on this bonus snippet, which will reveal SHOCKING news!

P: Ah yeah, I kinda got fired from Professor. They’ve taken me as a Gamekeeper now!!

G: Don’t you still get to teach?

P: I do, but it won’t happen as often unfortunately. I now have other responsibilities I have to look over now so classes will only occur when I have a spare moment.

G: That’s just another reason to look forward to the next one, Mr. Gamekeeper Potato, sir. Have a nice evening!

Professor EnderDevils isn’t really a Professor at all anymore??! This is shocking! Whatever the case, make sure to send him your thanks, congratulations, and hugs!

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