Witch Found Selling Fake Resurrection Stones!

 If you have been in Diagon Alley recently, you may have noticed this woman. Everyone, please take a look at this article.

Near the entrance of Knockturn Alley sits a young witch, with the name Katrina Tassel.

This witch has been in Azkaban multiple times and was just set free three weeks ago.

As the title states, she has been selling fake Resurrection Stones for 2000 galleons each. For those of you who don’t know what a Resurrection Stone is, it is a small diamond-shaped stone with the power to bring back the spirits of the holder’s deceased loved ones, activating when turned three times in the user’s hand. Katrina’s fake stones look almost alike to the real version, which explains why people have been buying them. Some readers may recognize these stones as one that Harry Potter had before he fought with Voldemort 19 years ago. However, Katrina’s stones are nothing close to the real thing.

These Resurrection Stones are made with a new Muggle creation, one the ministry was just informed about, named the “3D Printer.” This creation allows Muggles to build objects with machines. A couple of years ago, a former employee of the Ministry of Magic made one using objects found in OUR world. The Ministry found out, did an investigation, and found the machine quite exceptional, so they kept it. Now we have special wizards and witches that specialize with the machine—they are the creators of the stones. The creators were the ones that chose the stone to be its current shape, color, and design.

However, even if Katrina’s stones are very similar, there is one thing that is very peculiar—a small piece of gold on the bottom of her stones. The real stones, created by the Ministry, do not have this. They are pure diamond. The gold on Katrina’s stones has a curse on them, one which we all most likely have heard of: Avada Kedavra. You activate the curse by turning the fake stone three times. Once you have activated it, you are killed.

Many witches and wizards have been found dead throughout Knockturn Alley and back alleys of Hogsmeade, all holding these fake stones in their hands.

As for Katrina, she is currently wanted by the Ministry of Magic and has not been found yet. If you see her, quickly get to a public area or to the Ministry of Magic, for she is not someone you should be around. One of the dead witches found was a young girl who was a merchant of one of the stands throughout Diagon Alley. I had a private interview with the mother, and she states, “My daughter didn’t deserve what happened to her. My husband passed away a couple months ago, and I believe this was her motive to purchase the fake stone. Who knew such evil could be found right around the corner?”

Please remember to stay safe when traveling in Diagon Alley, and remember: do not go near Knockturn Alley!

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