Walking on Thin Ice: Magic Snow caused Havoc

Recent snowfall in the United Kingdom caused disorders in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds. Normally snow would not cause many problems for the wizarding world, yet this time it is different. Why? Because it is enchanted snow!

As per usual, muggles were not prepared for the unexpected snowfall which reached up to 20 cm. The snow caused snowy roads and heavy traffic delays, which led to great dismay. However, not only the muggle word encountered problems, the magical transportation infrastructures also were affected by the snowfall. Wizard and witches were temporarily unable to use the floo and other mobility networks. This is a very odd occurrence, as no regular weather has any impact on magically regulated systems. Thus it was concluded that the snow must have been magically enchanted, as only weather-modifying charms can have such an effect.

Swedish witch Secilia Farstad reported herself to the local magic council in Leeds, as she thought that she might have been the cause of the nation-wide sudden snowfall. Yesterday, the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad brought in Secilia so she could be questioned concerning the incident. She most likely cast an enchanting snow incantation wrongly, which grew out of hand and hit an entire nation. Secilia recently visited Leeds (U.K.) from Gothenburg (Sweden) to finish up her groundbreaking research on crumple-horned snorkacks. She wanted to bring some of the Scandinavian culture and nature to her friend’s house, trying to decorate the ceiling with enchanted snow. Unfortunately, this endeavour went wrong and caused many problems all around the United Kingdom.

Later in the day, Secilia was released and she promptly returned to Sweden to avoid causing any more problems. The Swedish Magiregeringskansliet apologized profusely to the British Ministry of Magic, hoping to continue the good relationship between both nations. The Ministry of Magic accepted the apology, stating that “such incidents can happen” and looks forward to the future endeavours.

The Ministry of Magic is working hard to solve all the problems encountered due to the enchanted snow. Some basic aspects of the magical transportation networks have already been restored, yet for it to fully be restored can take up to three days. The Ministry kindly asks all wizards and witches to make less frequent use of the magical transportation networks and to use some of the muggle infrastructures instead during the following few days.

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