Penguin Sightings In London—and a Secret Build?

Moth and Thistle were seen creating an “igloo” for two creatures last week, and we just found out why it was made.

You may have heard of Moth (mothums) and Thistle (TThistle) around the server. Both players are designers and part of STAFF. As designers, they may build what they want as they wish throughout the server. However, a new “igloo” build sparked up wonders around the community. An igloo is a small home made out of snow and ice that creatures such as penguins may live in. Penguins have black feathers, aside from their stomachs, which are white. These creatures are aquatic; however, they cannot fly even though they are categorized as an avian species. A penguin’s diet consists of any type of fish (for example, flounder or salmon).

Now that you know what penguins are, let’s learn about this igloo build, shall we?

The build is located at the Zoo in London, in the Penguin Habitat. The build was created for two penguins: Pastella (_Pastella_) and Emma (All_Hallows_Eve).  The story behind the build however, is quite suspenseful.

One of the penguins, Pastella, saw that Thistle logged onto the server. She quickly asked Thistle to build an igloo for the habitat, but Moth disagreed. Thistle still built it however, with snow walls and a blue flag.

Once the build was complete, both penguins took a look and were amazed. However, Moth quickly started to vandalize the build, adding fake blood (you may spot it in the photo) and turning it into lava multiple times using World Edit.

Both penguins became frustrated and starting defending their kind. Moth is now being interrogated by the Ministry to determine if she committed a crime with her actions.

We do have multiple sides of the story to share from all the witnesses, including Thistle, Moth, and Emma, as well as another penguin who lives in the Habitat: Zeelijn.

Pastella: So! First off, hello everyone. It’s great to talk to all of you.

Moth: Same here!

Thistle: Hello! Great to be here.

Pastella: All right! First question. Do you guys feel like Moth’s actions were very disruptive to the habitat or no?

Emma: 100%.

Zeelijn: Well, Moth has her own opinion and I respect that, but being so unkind to our habitat isn’t nice.

Thistle: We don’t know for sure that Moth was the culprit!

Moth: I feel that I took the necessary actions to preserve the well being of the habitat in the recently added zoo.

Pastella: Hmm… Do you think World Edit was misused in this situation?

Emma: Yes! I feel like the actions that were made with World Edit weren’t needed. We asked if an igloo would be ok and Thist liked the idea. Moth wasn’t happy about it so she decided to talk about Penguins not very nicely, now I know everyone can have their opinions but lava was also used to kill Pasta and me which is not ok either.

Moth: Of course not! World Edit is only given to Builders after a very long time and after trust is gained. No one who has World Edit is ill-equipped to use it!

Zeelijn: World Edit is supposed to be used for useful building and not for these kinds of situations.

Thistle: I think this was a great use of world edit.

Pastella: Lots of differing opinions on that one. Hmm… Do you guys believe that the penguins deserved these actions or no?

Emma: They most certainly did not!

Zeelijn: No. As a penguin myself, I was really shocked when I heard about the actions against my kind. We penguins are normally peaceful and only get angry when we have to, but this was just to kill us all.

Moth:  I do not feel that every penguin deserves some things. I feel that certain penguins deserve every good thing!

Thistle: Like I said, we don’t know for sure if Moth was the culprit.

Pastella: Well, thank you all very much for your time.

Zeelijn: Thanks for giving us penguins a voice in the wizarding world.

Overall, Moth felt her actions were mature and needed to be done. Thistle felt that the situation was positive, however, both Emma and Zeelijn felt that the situation didn’t need to occur.

But its not just their opinions that need to be heard! The community’s opinions matter as well in this controversy.

If you wish to give us your feedback, send it to me on Discord (Pastella#2783). We at the Quibbler would love to hear from you.

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