Yule Ball 2017

Yule Ball 2017

by Gray, Pasta, and Lily

This year’s Yule Ball was out of the ordinary and completely spectacular! So many amazing things happened, and we’re here to tell you about them. Get ready to hear all about the people, places, fashions, and much more!


Before The Ball

With roughly an hour before the ball started, we began to see many old faces show up at Hogwarts once more to join in the festivities! These included Reyna, Nams (ksquaredyo), and Joey (Reparo). There was a  buzz of speculation flying around Hogwarts like a Chaser on a broomstick about whether Taz’s drink would be available as a concession at the ball (sadly, it wasn’t, but many other delicious goodies were). A DJ committee was formed to listen to music, and the glass-shattering strains of Celestina Warbeck’s “You Stole My Cauldron But You Can’t Have My Heart” drifted through the air, surprisingly leaving the ice around the ballroom uncracked. It was soon followed by “Let It Go” from the popular Muggle movie, Frozen. This music was played by a series of DJs, including the Quibbler’s very own Graycelin Williams (MoonOwlBooks)!

The ball promised to be a fairly large event, with at least 40 people crowding into the Great Hall ten minutes before the ball started. Of course, this was nothing compared to last year’s crowd, with more than two hundred sweaty students having crammed onto the dance floor at the most popular point of last year’s ball! This year, the Minister of Magic (ThatTaz) himself even dropped in to tell a story about chickens. Quite the quality entertainment we’re getting here at Hogwarts! A crowd was gathered in front of the Great Hall, keys being dropped among them by the generous Reyna. A student named Emma Malfoy (EmmaMalfoyx) was barely audible over the din, telling people to “stampede to the Great Hall”!


The Ball

When the amazed crowd entered the Yule Hall for the first time, everyone agreed that Miri (Mirima_Kitten) had outdone herself once again. At the entrance to the hall, two large nutcrackers flanked the entryway. To the left, a spot was available for voting for favorite holiday skins. With such morsels as cinnamon hot chocolate, walnut pie, baked Alaska, gumdrops, gingersnaps, and much more, the hall was filled with happily munching students. The Yule Ball was hosted inside Hogwarts castle this year, as opposed to outside the library like last year’s ball. It was once again themed like a wintry wonderland, the ballroom being covered with beautiful decorations including ribbons, trees, ice, and oodles of snow! There were many attractions at the Yule Ball, but by far the most popular was the photo booth, with the small photo stand being mobbed for group photos. Hogwarts can indeed boast many skilled photographers, including Jake (Marvel_Comics), who is one of Hogwarts’ proud DADA Professors (and a photographer for the Quibbler!), and Thistle (TThistle) who is an esteemed Hogwarts designer (and leader of the Quibbler!!)!

Thistle, our designer, then requested that everyone gather at one of the two large banquet tables for some food and a picture. Broghan (BroghanTaylor), a seventh-year Slytherin, then gave everyone crate keys.

After the photos, people hopped onto the dance floor. Erdal (Erdalumos), a fifth year, took the rule that there “must be a stick-length between you and another person at all times” quite seriously!

However, in the midst of all this, calamity struck! Raven (RiddikulusRaven), a sixth year, announced that she had experienced a resurgence of DA-itis. This prompted the dance floor to be shut down temporarily, and, on that note, many decided to go on to something else.

Many students even decided to dress up for the occasion! One was Nessia (Nessquik_), who was dressed in a gorgeous white gown with a blue flower crown in her hair. Quite stunning! We also had Roxy (RoxyGal99) dressed in a festive Christmas sweater, which was matched with a pair of jeans and brown boots. Casual, cozy, and cute! Many other students were flaunting their amazing attire. Everyone’s outfit turned out phenomenally, as you can see!



Mysterious Murder

It may be worth mentioning that Mrs. Norris, the school caretaker’s cat, was killed once again by another student. The crime is still under investigation, and suspects run rampant. But we’re sure Mrs. Norris will be back soon; after all, you know she’ll come back to spy on us. However, we can’t talk about Mrs. Norris all day; it’s time to move along to the interviews.



We asked two first years, Sacramentum (aka hibbelig) and Legoboy (aka legomasterE), what they thought about the Yule Ball for some fresh opinions, since it was their first time attending an event of this kind! Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What do you think is the best part of the ball?

Sacramentum: I guess the food and just the environment!

Legoboy: I like the decorations, I find them very enchanting.

Do you wish there was something else added, or no?

Sacramentum: Maybe some decorations on all the trees in the ballroom.

Legoboy: I… I think I would of made some type of competition.

What do you think the theme of the ballroom is, and why?

Sacramentum: Mmmh…. maybe a Frozen Lake? There’s ice everywhere.

Legoboy: I think the theme is Magical Christmas, but we are already having a magical holiday party, so I guess I was right!

Winter Skin Competition Winners

Besides the amazing ball, we also had a skin competition! During the Yule Ball, students were able to nominate who they wanted to win for Mr and Miss Winter from the forum nominees! Our top three for Mr and Miss Winter were:

Miss Winter: BroghanTaylor, IlseNL, and Elliiee

Mr. Winter: ItsCryoManiac, Erdalumos, and Jerrie_

However, there could only be one winner of each title. The winner for Miss Winter was BroghanTaylor! As for Mr Winter, the winner was ItsCryoManiac! Congrats to the both of you; you both had amazing skins! (Check out all of those skins at the forum post!)


Well…that’s it!

We all had an amazing time with the rest of the ball! How about you? We definitely hope you loved it as much as we did! In conclusion, we all can’t wait for next year’s Yule Ball.

Before you leave, we’d like to give a huge thank you to Miri (Mirima_Kitten, Hogwarts Designer) for all the work she put in! Many of us know how hard you worked on the ball and we would like to commend you for your hard work. It turned out absolutely beautiful, and we hope you know we appreciate it to no end! You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Miri; this simple fact we can all agree on!

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