The ‘Disney Castle:’ What Could It Be?

With the introduction of the Marauder’s Map, questions abounded as to what the mysterious structure shown below the map of Hogwarts could be. Given that the staff team remained closemouthed as to the answer—except for a comment from Miri that it could be the Merlin house and Poto asking whether it could be a new Hogwarts—I decided to ask around and investigate the theories given.


I interviewed five students at Hogwarts (Erdalumos, gehennafire, Alaskness, RiddikulusRavenand Hemmily) to try to figure out what this building could be. Somewhat surprisingly, there only appeared to be two main answers.

  1. St. Mungo’s
  2. Beauxbatons

There is some evidence to support both theories. First, let’s take a look as to why it could be St. Mungo’s:

While there is not much proof, there are some ways in which it makes sense. We know that St. Mungo’s has already been built on the server, and will probably be added at some point in the future. We also know that jobs will be introduced at some point. Proponents of this theory point out that Healer is a known job in the magical world, and was, in fact, suggested in a pamphlet during Harry’s 6th year as a career path. Nessia (Alaskness), a fifth year at Hogwarts, states, “The castle doesn’t look like anything that anyone’s seen.” We have no descriptions of St. Mungo’s, and it could very well look like our mystery castle! That said, this explanation has a couple flaws:

  1. Lack of knowledge. On multiple suggestion threads for new builds, the builders have said time and again that there is not enough canon knowledge to build the suggested structure. It is completely unknown what St. Mungo’s looks like from the outside, and this build has an extensive outdoor area. Thus, it seems to me that this doesn’t quite line up.
  2. The nearby builds. St. Mungo’s is known to be in London, behind the façade of a department store. This building does not seem to be in a city of any kind.
  3. The known ways of entering St. Mungo’s. As previously mentioned, St. Mungo’s is located in London, behind a department store window. One has to Apparate to the busy street outside, then step through the window of Purge and Dowse, Ltd when a mannequin beckons. This also does not seem to line up with the build.

Now for our second, more popular guess that the mystery build is Beauxbatons. Let’s take a look at the evidence used to back this theory up. Fifth year Erdal (Erdalumos) and seventh year Gehenna (gehennafire) both cited a building that appeared to be a large stable on the map:


This would make sense, as Beauxbatons is known for their large powder-blue Abraxans, which are used to pull the school carriages. Another reason that was stated is the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Beauxbatons is known to have a fountain dedicated to Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, who gave Beauxbatons funds for the ‘extensive’ gardens and grounds. This is actually another reason why the mystery structure could be Beauxbatons. The land around the castle is certainly sprawling, and there are also mountains, thought to be the Pyrenees, where Beauxbatons is located. A final reason given was the color scheme of white and light blue, which are the Beauxbatons colors. Again, however, there are some holes in this theory:

  1. The outbuildings. It does account for the stables, and potentially the towers, but again, this doesn’t explain the presence of houses nearby.
  2. Again, lack of knowledge. While we do know slightly more information about what Beauxbatons looks like, it would seem that there isn’t quite enough to base a whole castle on.
  3. The textures. The texture pack may not be quite set in stone yet, which means that the roof color could change. This makes the details of the colors being those of Beauxbatons unreliable.



While it remains unknown what this castle is, people are excited for the update! Some of the main additions people talked about were Quidditch, the new texture pack, the new map and places to explore, new plugins, pets, and the Chamber of Secrets quest line. What are you most excited about?

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