Muggles think a Diricawl is a WHAT?

Now, as a muggle-born myself, I must address the fact that I once believed this as well. I saw the Diricawl during Care of Magical Creatures and immediately thought of the extinct Dodo. Now, according to Muggle experts, Dodos went extinct around the time of 1662. Little do they know, Diricawls are Dodos! Surprisingly, they are the mysterious Dodo that many Muggles went searching for. However, due to their unique ability, they vanished, leading all Muggles to believe they were extinct. Let’s take a look at some of the Diricawl’s features:

  • Feathers: Multicoloured feathers are this magical creature’s way of keeping warm and blending in with its surrounding environment. These beautiful feathers come in colours such as purple, blue, and occasionally red! Due to the fact that they all have a white neck, these birds are like a living rainbow!
  • Beaks: Now, I know what you’re thinking. “SnOw, aLl BiRdS hAvE bEakS!” I’m well aware of that. But are you aware that this beak is used specially for eating and talking? Unfortunately, they don’t speak human words, but they do speak in their own little language. They also eat their food via their beaks. They do everything with it! Strangely enough, their beaks have fur on them to further enable Diricawls blend in with their environment and to keep them nice and warm!
  • Wings: Although the Diricawls have “wings,” they are flightless birds. As described in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander, they are a “plump, fluffy-feathered, and flightless bird.” They have wings just to help them move about better and give them balance, as they do not have arms or hands to keep them upright.

They are like all other birds in that they have feathers, a beak, and wings. However, there is one ability that Diricawls have that is special to them:

Diricawls can Apparate! This is how they have survived so long, with their natural ability to Apparate short distances to escape predators. This also means they are hard to find and capture, seeing as they can escape easily. Besides, these animals shouldn’t be held in captivity, regardless if they are magic or not.

Now, the Ministry of Magic classifies the Diricawl as an XX Beast, which means that they are harmless and can be domesticated, yet I recommend keeping these poor birds away from civilization. One of the main reasons for this is that Muggles believe that the Diricawl (Dodo) is extinct. What if a Muggle saw one in your house? Additionally, we all know what could happen if we were to domesticate them. They could become violent, and we don’t have the equipment to deal with this.

If you want any more information on Diricawls, I would recommend reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander. The book is amazing at telling you about magical creatures and how we should care for them!

That’s all for now! Remember not to expose the Diricawls to the Muggle world!

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