It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Pack your suitcases, grab your robes and pick up your wand! It’s finally time to head back to Hogwarts! Whether you are a returning student or are experiencing the magic for the first time, we have everything you need to know about the coming year!

Navigating Hogwarts

We all know how big and confusing Hogwarts is! People get lost every day, so I would like to tell you the way to each common room (BUT DON’T enter any house’s common room that isn’t yours! It is punishable by being expelled . . . or worse). For starters, try to make your way to the grand staircase. This will be the easiest way to navigate to your common room.

Now, for Hufflepuffs, go down to the basement level. There is a sign above the door—you can’t miss it! Once you have made your way down the spiral staircase, you will come face to face with three corridors. Take a right, and continue going down the corridor until you hit a set of stairs. Now, this is the tricky bit—go up three steps. Once you see a gap on your left, go through it, and head down the stairs. At the very last step, just before you reach the bottom, press the button on the right wall. This will open up another set of stairs leading you to the entrance of the Hufflepuff common room! Simply state the password and you will be allowed in!

Slytherins, you need to go all the way down to the dungeon corridor. Head down to the very bottom of the staircase, and look for the dungeon corridor. Enter it, and keep going straight. You will then reach a door that leads to the large bridge spanning the Black Lake. Cross it. You will reach another door at the end with a giant statue in the room. Head down the corridor behind it until you see a set of stairs on your left. Go down the stairs and you will see the entrance to your common room, also on your left. Press the button at the top and walk through to see a door! State the password and you shall be granted access.

Gryffindors, yours is the easiest of all! Simply head up the grand staircase, and it’s just above the sixth-floor corridor! You will see a familiar face standing outside waiting for you. To enter your common room, simply walk through the painting to the door and say your password! Not too loudly though, as this is a busy staircase and someone else might hear you! We don’t want that happening, now do we?

Ravenclaws, I hope that you are all fit and healthy because you have a long climb ahead of you. Head up to the fourth-floor corridor, and continue down to the very end. There will be a smaller corridor to the left, not marked by a door. Go through there, and you will be met with a set of spiral stairs. I hope that you all worked on your leg muscles over the summer because now you need to climb up them to reach your common room. Once you are at the top, the door shall be waiting for you and all you have to do is say your password and you will be let in! Have fun at the top of the tower!

Top 8 Studying Spots!

  1. Very clearly, it is your own common room. It is the easiest to access, and a good place to do your homework with other members of your house—a great way to learn with friends!
  2. The Library. If you want a more peaceful place to study, then I suggest the library. It is quiet and contains nearly every book you could need, so sit back and study!
  3. Hogsmeade! Now, this is only for those of you in your third year and up, so unfortunately, this will not be useful to those in your first and second year.  However, Hogsmeade is a great place to study if you want to get out of Hogwarts for a bit (we know that it can be a bit daunting at times!) The Three Broomsticks is where I studied a lot!
  4. The Great Hall. Once again, this is a great way to study with friends—and now you can study with friends from other houses. (It’s also where exams take place, so you can get a feel for the room outside of eating.)
  5. Any of the courtyards! Being stuck indoors all day studying and doing homework can be tiresome, so try doing some outside. While it may be a bit breezy and chatty, it will help you a lot!
  6. The Room Of Requirement! Do you need a quiet place to study, away from all the chattering and the bothersome teachers? The RoR is the best place for that, as it has whatever you may need at that time. Just ask for a quiet place to study and perhaps the room will give you a cozy fireplace, or a library filled with magical books to help you!
  7. The fountain courtyard is not as well known as the others, and so that is a great place to stay and read for a while. It’s also very close to the CoMC class and the groundkeeper so if you ever need any assistance, that’s where you need to go!
  8. Now, this last one is only for the brave, as it is the whomping willow. If you can tame this beast of a tree, it will be a great studying spot as no one will dare go near you as long as you have the protection of the tree.

REMEMBER: Your professors are here to help you for a reason! Go to them if you get stuck at any point while studying!


Rumours for the 2018-2019 school year!

Now, these are just rumours, so take them with a grain of salt. There has been lots of talk about what is to come and believe me, it is juicy!

New Clubs?: Now, we already have some clubs, but there aren’t enough if I dare say so myself. Students are constantly lining up outside the headmaster’s office, waiting to give a speech about how exciting their new club is, and how it would impact the community! Here is the current list of clubs, but it will expand! (Thanks to Reader Hemmily for assisting me with the clubs!)

Games Club: Looking to play some magical chess, or want to run around playing tag but have no friends to do that with? Well, don’t be sad anymore because the games club is an amazing club to do just that. If you are a lonely 1st year, do not be disappointed as this club is a great way for you to make friends!

Art Club: Want to show off your painting skills? Well then, this is the club for you! In each meeting, the Art Club paints and paints and paints, and a lot of their art has been featured in the great hall during breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Sadly, you do need to be at least in your second year at Hogwarts, but only because they want responsible painters.

Dueling Club: It looks like you want to practice your dueling skills! This club is the one for you, as you will be able to control your casts as each person in this club is astonishingly helpful! The club also hosts tournaments, to determine who the best dueler is, and who needs a slight boost to upgrade their dueling skills. Once again, you must be at least in your second year, just so that the club doesn’t get any angry parents sending howlers when their child gets hurt!

Marauders Club: Finally, this club is a great way to explore Hogwarts and its surroundings.  You will not believe some of the secrets that this club has discovered, but you will only find them out if you join! And do not worry, the likelihood of you getting hurt in this club is significantly lower than the dueling club!

New Professors?: Over the course of the last school year, we welcomed three new professors, Prof. Bas, Prof. Erdal and Prof. Jake. We also welcomed Prof. Cran back after his long holiday and we cannot be happier to see Hogwarts thriving with these new (and old) professors! We have heard some rumours that Hogwarts is still accepting applications for Professors, just so that the current six professors can have a break once in a while. I have also heard that Professor Poto is quite jealous of the new Professors and is secretly plotting against Prof. Erdal – but then again, I have also heard that Prof. Erdal is plotting against Prof. Poto. This year, there will be professor rivalry.

O.W.Ls?: Now I know what you are all thinking – What could have possibly stopped Hogwarts from hosting O.W.Ls each year? The answer to that is the MoM. With the lack of professors, and the ministry refusing to give Hogwarts any help, O.W.Ls stopped. Of course, the Headmaster did not want anyone to be stuck in their fifth year, learning everything again, and again. When a Student asked Prof. Bas whether O.W.Ls would be allowed this year, Prof. Bas told the student that it would be happening this year – but then I learned that Prof. Bas was told off by the headmaster himself. Maybe the punishment will be that Prof. Bas must host the O.W.Ls all by himself, seeing as he was the one to confirm it! Word of Warning – Don’t confirm anything without the asking the Headmaster!

Quidditch?: Will the dangerous game return to Hogwarts this year, after the devastating incident 10 years ago which caused the Headmaster to ban Quidditch? If you didn’t know, 10 years ago two students were severely injured during their Quidditch match – and that injury caused them to be in the hospital wing for a grand total of six months. Their parents were not pleased, and the Headmaster decided to ban Quidditch from Hogwarts, entirely! Other schools across the world have also considered banning quidditch, as it is a very dangerous sport and should not be played by 13-year-olds! However, there has been some speculation on whether or not the school will ever allow the game to come back, or if playing catch is the new Quidditch for schools across the globe.  Needless to say, students training professionally are not happy that Hogwarts has closed off its field!

And that’s that! If you have any further questions about the future of the school year, or even if you just want some day to day help, there is always the advice column! Send in any questions that are appropriate and you will receive an answer! (Just don’t ask any maths questions – our brains can’t handle that!).

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