Are you #TeamQuibbler or #TeamProphet?

Here at Quibbler, we’re very happy to see that the Daily Prophet is returning to the Wizarding world, and we all believe that it has great potential! But we also want to know your thoughts on the matter, and so I asked a few wizards and witches their thoughts on the Daily Prophet returning, and what team they’re on.

Hemmily: Well, I never really thought about it. I wasn’t reading the Daily Prophet at first, because I wasn’t able to! I don’t have an opinion on it returning but I love to read, so that’s a good thing! And I’m #TeamBoth!

Cordi: I think it’s great because it gives two viewpoints of the Wizarding world. It also gives more variety of news, but that does mean that unless they coordinate, there might be multiple articles on the same topics. #TeamProphet

Gero: I really like that its returning. It’s something great to experience. TDP used to be a great paper; it’s too bad it went inactive. While I do like the Quibbler, I do feel like they lack something. TDP is here to compete with you guys, and we do not hesitate to go hard if needed. To sum everything up, I really like TDP returning. The issues are something you can look forward to and are fun to read and create. #TeamQuilyProphler

Ofek: Personally, I like it. I think it is a good way of “entertaining” people and a way to give them some updates and some news. I think it will be a success, and people will enjoy it. #TeamQuibbler WOO!

Chew: I feel pretty good about the Daily Prophet actually. I’m a reporter there! I think the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler have very different ways of getting information across, and these two also discuss mainly different topics. I think it will be interesting to see these two sources of wizard news grow further in the Wizarding world’s future, both near and far. #TeamProphet

Koala: I’m excited for these writers, can’t wait to read these beautiful pieces and get some new information! #TeamKoala cause I can’t pick one!!

Well, now we know what some of you think of the Daily Prophet being resurrected. We wish all the best to Professor Erdal and his team in their revival of the Daily Prophet. The whole Quibbler team is very happy that they have decided to return, and we don’t want it to turn into a competition between our two newspapers.  #FriendlyRivalry! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us to read, and we hope that we can coordinate and not produce duplicates of the same article—that would be embarrassing. Make sure to check out their articles as well as ours, and remember: #TeamQuilyProphler!!

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