O.W.L.s After Party!

About two weeks ago, all of Hogwarts’ 5th year students took their O.W.L. exams—and a large majority of them passed! Congratulations to you all, and to celebrate all of you passing and moving on to Year 6, two O.W.L. students decided to host a party. Thanks to Jill and Cordi, we were able to get an insider’s look at their party and hang around with all the other new year 6’s!

First of all, Cordi and Jill were amazing and created a large space for everyone to party! Filled with drinks, cake, and music, this place was perfect for a dance contest! Many people decided to dance and just have fun talking to their friends, without the stress of O.W.L.s on their shoulders.

There was a pool outside, where many people went swimming. One thing that happened was extremely dangerous. A year 7 (who believes he is a year 8—which doesn’t even exist!) decided to purchase a few fireworks from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and set them off in the pool! The year 7, Flux, believed that it wasn’t at all dangerous—but Madame Pomfrey is now attending to multiple hurt students that have severe burns due to the scorching hot water, as well as the dodgy fireworks. Some students did not go to the Hospital Wing and are treating their burns alone, as they were far enough away to not get the worst of it. This resulted in both Jill and Cordi banning Flux from entering the dance floor in fear of more fireworks being let off inside and causing a fire, which would harm even more students.

Before the catastrophe of the fireworks, everyone was having a grand time dancing and chatting about their interests. These are some of the conversations I was able to pick up on when I listened in:

Chew: You know, Shrek really is great.

Erdal: Your music is terrible.

Aaron: Why do I have to be a part of this conversation?

As you can see, these conversations were a bit . . . irregular. Chew was talking about a muggle invention, Prof. Erdal was disgusted at some of the music choices, and Aaron was just wondering why he was listening to all of the weird and wacky conversations. But that is what makes Hogwarts, well, Hogwarts! Weird and wacky, all day every day!

A lot of cake was eaten, and a lot of weird conversations were overheard (most likely due to the butterbeer), but the best thing was that this party was not just for the new year 6’s. Cordi and Jill decided to leave a place out front for people to put a thank you note to their professors as a way of saying “well done for getting us through year 5!” This was a nice little touch to add, seeing as all of the new year 6’s wouldn’t have been able to get there without their professors assisting them.

Congratulations to all the new Year 6’s! Well done to the professors for getting them through their O.W.L.s and thank you Cordi and Jill for hosting this party for everyone! Good luck on your N.E.W.T.s in the future—and watch out for Flux with his fireworks!

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