Chizpurfle Family Saved From the Tracks of the Hogwarts Express–Where Did They Come From??

Over the past 24 hours, the Quibbler team has received continuous reports that a protected Chizpurfle family was saved while seen crossing the tracks of an incoming Hogwarts Express train. It is currently unknown why the creatures were on the tracks, so very far away from their sanctuary habitat located within the Beast Division of the Ministry of Magic. An informant within the Ministry has confirmed that there has been a recent development of Chizpurfle outbreaks throughout Diagon Alley, all while they are disappearing from their research habitat. Is someone aiding in their escape? Are these creatures planning to overtake the Wizarding world??? Probably not, you see, as it is quite common for these creatures to break their locks (what with them being able to gnaw their way through any magical lock, given some time).

What we at the Quibbler wanted to know was how did the creatures end up on the Hogwarts Express tracks? The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is currently claiming they have no knowledge on how the infestations are occurring so rapidly throughout Diagon. Nor is the department taking any responsibility for the Chizpurfles on the tracks. Upon some research of our own, however, we believe we have figured it out!

One of our members pulled the smallest straw (a Muggle technique another member taught us) and had to crawl their way throughout the tunnel systems of Diagon. It was NOT a pleasant experience for them, but they only got a few bites, so we count ourselves lucky! They found multiple colonies of Chizpurfles migrating all throughout the tunnel system, but originating from one source. The creatures are residing in the tunnel below the Potage’s Cauldron Shop! This store offers an option for customers to sell their used cauldrons (which are then chucked into the back closet). The Chizpurfles love to burrow their way up from the tunnels and feed on the magic remnants within the used cauldrons. Our suspicions are that while students were exchanging and purchasing their cauldrons, the creatures found their way into the students’ bags, onto the Hogwarts Express, and thus, the tracks.

The family that was saved from the train is now on its way back to the department’s rehabilitation sanctuary to get a full check up on their health. We are unsure if the department researchers will begin to track the tunnel migration of the Chizpurfles, but if they do, we will be there to report! Regardless, make sure to keep your wand somewhere safe so it doesn’t get chewed up by these hungry little snappers!

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