How to Incorporate Muggle Items Into Your Hogwarts Lifestyle

The rumors have been circulating for a while now that Muggle technology has arrived at Hogwarts, whether it be this newfangled “laptop,” or the supposed “apps” that the professors are using (link to Snow’s article when it’s finished). We here at the Quibbler thought that while it may still be speculation about those particular Muggle things being at Hogwarts, there are items that you can incorporate into your school lifestyle without any fuss. Without further ado, here is an incomprehensive list (because, as we all know, there are uses for hundreds of Muggle items that we are not yet aware of):

  • Calculators: This is an item that essentially does basic Arithmancy for you. Yes, it’s true, not all of your homework has to be done with a quill and parchment! Of course, it is probably best to still show your work, but this handy device can certainly make it a lot easier for you. This way, you can spend more time deciphering Ancient Runes or learning how to defend yourself against trolls.
  • Bicycle: Everyone in the Wizarding world has likely heard of Sirius Black’s famous motorcycle. A bicycle is sort of like that, only much skinnier and not powered by a motor. Some of them even come with baskets you can put your spellbooks in! You move what are called “pedals” in order to make the tires spin, which then propels you forward. This could be handy for getting from one end of the castle to the other a lot faster than walking. After all, Apparition isn’t allowed on Hogwarts’ grounds, and everyone knows you can’t fly your brooms inside the castle. A bicycle seems a logical option instead. That way, you won’t be late to Professor Jo’s or Professor Bas’s Herbology class after you’ve just been in Divination!
  • Weighing Scale: This is a rather handy device that Muggles came up with for weighing thousands of different things with ease. One scale in particular caught our attention—one for weighing food! This scale could theoretically be used to weigh Potions ingredients. All you do is place the item you wish to weigh upon the scale, and a number pops up on a “screen.” The number obviously represents the weight of the item. This is so much easier than the old-fashioned brass scales currently required. Imagine how much time you could save!
  • Book Lamp: Have you ever struggled with the task of reading a book while holding your wand aloft with a Lumos? (We’re looking at you, Ravenclaws!) Well, this particular device will put an end to that struggle. It is an “electric” light that you can clip to your book! It provides enough light for you to read by without having to juggle your wand as well. Absolutely wonderful invention. Thanks, Muggles!

This is by no means a complete list of the items you can begin to incorporate into your lifestyle. Stay tuned, for we here at the Quibbler may just give you another article about even more Muggle technology you can use every day.

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