Cranium Granger is perhaps one of the most widely renowned academics in the field of Transfiguration and also Alchemy. He is often credited with the discovery of two of the Principle Exceptions to Gamp’s Elemental Laws of Transfiguration, as well as making enormous contributions to many fields of Alchemy. Paying particularly close attention Hellenistic Alchemy, as well as the effects and implications of the concept of the ‘Tria Prima’ in our everyday life.

Cranium first grew up in Dublin, Ireland, as a Muggleborn no doubt. Always having an interest for science and fantasy, a letter from a school of witchcraft and wizardry seemed like a dream come true. In a new country and a new school, Cranium got sorted into Ravenclaw and quickly started to settle in. As you can imagine, a child exposed to so many different and new wonders can’t wait to begin exploring. And that’s exactly what he did. You could often find him with a book on some obscure bit of magic late at night, or spending his free time in the library.

Passing his N.E.W.T.’s with O’s in both Transfiguration and Alchemy, he went on to study both in Egypt. There he spent most of his time with transmutation and gold creation, as well as further research into Transfiguration. After being credited with several new discoveries, he was offered a teaching position in his school, Hogwarts, to which after several years later, he retired from.

Now he enjoys writing for the Quibbler, a passion he never quite addressed in his youth. He also enjoys the sound of crinkling paper, and any visits to the library wouldn’t go amiss. It’s also rumoured he helped his brother breed a basilisk in his Third Year, but we’re not quite sure.