Snow Ellerby has been one of the longest students at Hogwarts, having a record of being a year 3 for almost two years. She is in Hufflepuff and spends her days reading books, writing books, over analysing books, crying over books and most importantly, falling deeply in love with the characters that are always killed off. She was once enrolled at Beauxbatons but quickly switched back to her homeland and nearest school, after only week. Snow loves to read quietly in the library, whether it be fiction or facts, you will always find her writing or reading, and sometimes stalking people. Snow tries to get involved with Quidditch, always supporting her home country in the World cup. She is desperately trying to move up into the fourth year, but unfortunately, she cannot qualify for the exams, but she still studies hard and always has high hopes for the future, I which she hopes to become a full-time writer or an Auror. Snow has always had an interest in muggle technology, growing up with muggle parents surely helped with that. She tends to keep to herself, only being in one club that she shares her muggle games with. She also really, really loves food