Meet The Team

Thistle Quibbler
Executive Editor and Club Owner

Thistle plays with blocks, babbles on about leaves, and is overall very useless.  We aren't sure why we keep her around.  Can be contacted at: ☞ƬƬℏɨ₴ẗℓℯ☜#8665 on Discord or [email protected]  

Raven Quibbler
Senior Editor

Raven Quibbler is a 7th year student at Hogwarts with a thirst for adventure. She can often be spotted running around the school looking for stories to write about for the Quibbler magazine, and is far too distracted for her own good. Raven is currently looking to go undercover in the Muggle world as an editor to see just how it differs from being an editor at the Quibbler. She dreams one day of being a Nargle hunter, wand maker, and leprechaun (although she knows one of those is impossible). For now, simply being a dedicated NEWT student will suffice.

Website Developer
Squish Resborne
Kaimy Alderton
Graycelin Williams
Lead Writer

Gray grew up as the only child of two loving Muggles in the neighborhood of Little Whinging. At the age of eleven, she attended Hogwarts, where she was proudly sorted into Ravenclaw house. From a young age, Gray had a passion for literature, which she took with her into the wizarding world! She started writing for the Quibbler in her sixth year and aspires to eventually become an educator at Hogwarts, with her love of the fascinating subject Ancient Runes in mind. Gray enjoys reading, writing, learning, and spending time with friends. She also loves chicken pot pie and giving hugs!

Snow Ellerby
Lead Writer

Snow grew up in a muggle world, not realising that she was a witch until she got her Hogwarts letter - Still hasn't realised! She loves to watch the Quidditch games, but constantly trying to work out the physics of it all, as she grew up as a muggle for 11 years and loved science! Although she was sorted into Hufflepuff, she does not fit the stereotypical criteria of one, but that's for you to discover later. Snow also adores talking to her friends instead of doing work (how she got the job, we'll never know). Snow wishes that her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts will become a top priority - but after working out a maths question, of course. And like the old man said: Snow writes a lot, gets promoted. Snow doesn't write for a month, doesn't get demoted (...for now)!!

Cranium Granger
Lead Writer
Lily Mortlake
Apprentice Writer

Lily Mortlake is a 7th year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Originally hailing from Ottery St. Catchpole, she is currently spending a year abroad, and is part of a brand-new exchange program with Koldovstoretz! When asked about this little known and mysterious school, she will say nothing, preferring to let rumours abound (which, let’s face it, are probably more interesting than the actual school). When not at Koldovstoretz, she lives in Hogsmeade with her five cats and a house full of books. She can most often be found reading up on magical history, brewing ‘experimental’ potions, or messing around with magical plants, despite never having taken her Herbology OWL. Lily is not quite sure what she wishes to do after Hogwarts- possibly something combining Muggle landscaping with Herbology.

Jake Bagman
Apprentice Writer

A professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who spends his time taking photographs of the castle and other various wizarding locations. Loves flying on his Firebolt and his favorite place to sit and read a good book is the Three Broomsticks. A Ravenclaw through and through, making his way as a prefect and eventually Headboy, Hogwarts is his favorite place to be.

0fek Potter

The one and only, Ofek Potter. Ofek attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. Usually you would find Ofek riding on a broom, or walking around the school. Ofek loves the subjects in Hogwarts, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts. The day Ofek found out about the quibbler, he thought it was fascinating and enjoyed reading it. This young wizard wanted to join the team for a long time, and is still reading articles quite often to this very day.

Mak Silverwind

Mak Silverwind is currently spending her 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a proud Gryffindor who loves her books, and spending time with her friends. You can usually find her taking photographs, or exploring the muggle city of London- or at the london zoo in the penguin habitat. She loves learning about all things, from things creature related to learning about the stars!

Eve Silverwind

Born and raised from a dysfunctional family, at the age of 12 Eve ran away to be met by a stranger.  He brought her to a school of magic where she got to meet a number of strange people.  Befriending many, they helped her through a lot in her years at Hogwarts. During her later years at the school, she was adopted into the Silverwind Family and joined the Quibbler in an effort to entertain people with her photographs.